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The walls inside many Orthodox churches are frequently decorated with frescoes. Wherever the eyes roam, we are called to feel the presence of God. There is no place for individual imagination but we are invited to contemplate the Divine revelation. Frescoes allow the believer to be aware and attentive to the rich heritage of this sacred art, and above all, to what it reveals, demontrates and proclaims.

The Christian, knowing that he is a part of the great family of the Saints, is able to feel the great harmony of seeing and hearing trough iconography and frescoes. As an invitation to pray and to meditate, frescoes and icons invite the believer be behold the invisible world. In the church all is directed to the celest kingdom. Therefore, in the artistic expression of frescoes and iconography, visual representations don't show a material reality but the transfigurated world to come.


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